Bar Packages

Premium Open Bar

$19.95 1st 2 Hours per ADULT

Add $8.  per adult for each additional Hour

Shots NOT included

2 Hour Minimum & 6 Hour max

RAIL Open Bar

$15.95 1st 2 Hours per ADULT 

Add $6.  each additional hour

Shots, Call & Premium Brands are NOT included in open bar package

2 Hour Minimum & 6 Hour Max 

Domestic Beer, Soda & House Wine Package

$11.95 1st 2 Hours Per ADULT

Add $4. per adult for each addtional hour

2 hour minimum &  6 Hour Max

Soda Package

$1. Per can

Based on consumption or

$3.50 per person Unlimited

Based on your number of Guaranteed Guests

Half Barrel Pricing

Domestic  $250.

Import  Per Quote

House Champange or House Wine Pour

$2. per person

19% taxable service charge and 5.1% sales tax to be added to all Packages